The idé of the race

The basic idea of this race is to create a easy race for middel-and longdistans mushers to have the chance to get a first really good workout before the spring races.

The goal with the race is:

  • Back to basic - Come and drive - Start when you are ready
  • Good distans for professionals and amateurs
  • A serious checkpoint rest to try out the ability of the dogs to eat, sleep beside other teams and more
  • Training of the mushers checkpoint rutines
  • A central area, easy to access for handlers and close to cars, trailers and more
  • A attractive race for booth sponsors and audience

The race is concentrated to Nornäs village. Her we can provide parking, food, accomondation and more. That´s something we think is important to be able to give the sponsors and audience an easy access to the mushers and dogs. We have solved that by placing start, checkpoint and finish, all together in walking distance. The audience can sit inside and have coffee and at the same time see the teams come in for the checkpoint and the mandatory rest. We think that to create this environment where everybody get together and socialize, we can best show our sport and amazing dogs.