The race is canceled

Unfortunately, we have had to make the heavy decision to cancel this year's Vildmarksracet.
We have been positive until now in the morning when it suddenly became much hotter and rainy.
The tracks are for the most part very good, about 45KM good tracks. The big problem is the start, finish and checkpoint areas where lakes and marshes are very wet and not suitable to run over.
A tough decision for everyone, both for the organization and the contestant. During the past week, we have spent lots of hours preparing and scouting tracks to be able to run the competition safely.
We will offer a free start to the 2021 Vildmarksracet or half the registration fee back.

More info will come during the day.

Results 2019

Vildmarksracet 2019

Pictures from Adriana Ardelean Speeddogs-Photography

Adriana Ardelean Speeddogs-Photography

Pictures from Björn Andersson

Vildmarksracet 2019 Björn Andersson

Participant Lothar Reinshagen is still on his training for the Vildmarksracet 2019:

Vildmarksracet 2018


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