The race follows the IFSS rules with the amendment of the following


The dogs may be harnessed in pairs in pulka /nordic style. A solid shaft shall then be used and the shaft shall reach approx. 5 cm in front of the wheel dogs’ shoulder. The shaft may be used all the way to the leader. The end of the shaft shall be constructed in a way that prevents injuries on other dogs. All the teams that start in sledge class, must have a break, no matter the size of the team.


Participating dogs must be brought into Sweden according to the Swedish rules for import of dogs concerning rabies vaccination. Deworming against tapeworm (Echinococcus) is recommended.

Participating foreign dogs shall be vaccinated against canine distemper according to the following rules and regulations:
  • Dog (puppy) younger than 12 months shall be vaccinated at lowest ten weeks old.
  • Dog older than 12 months shall have been vaccinated when it is one year old and the vaccination after that must not be older than four  (4) years.
  • If the first vaccination of the dog or if the dog hasn´t been vaccinated when it was one year old, the vaccination must have been done at least 14 days before the competitions starting date.


Participation dogs has to be at least 18 month old at the starting race day