Siberian Husky

We are happy to announce that we in Vildmarksracet 2016 can offer you qualification for Siberian Husky.

Beneath you will find the information that applies to you who is competing with purebred Siberian Huskies at Vildmarksracet 2016.

Swedish Polar Dog Club , SPHK , the Swedish special club for purebred Siberian husky. Since many years back has SPHK together with the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK ) worked out qualification rules shows that the dog is a good sled dog. SKK records all competition ( according to set rules) for each siberian husky who compete in an approved racing .

Vildmarksracet 2016 is an approved competition, and the following apply to your dog's results should be registered :

  • All dogs in the team has to be purebred siberian husky in C-class and must submit qualification form by the registration.
  • A dog team can only consist of Siberian Husky registered in SKK or  FCI registered Siberian Huskies, (or AKC/CKC or KC) to get Swedish merit results on their dogs recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club.
  • For approval of qualification (according to set rules) it applies 3 teams in the C-class completed the race no matter how many teams started the competition.

Attached this mail you will find the qualification form you need or it can be found on http://www.sphk.se/sphk/pdf/blankett/, Provblankett 2012-2016.

If a musher chose NOT  to submit qualification form the team will be competing in A-class and the result will be registered in A-class.

NOTE! For foreign registered dogs you must bring copies of pedigree being attached to the qualification form on all contestants dogs.

Representative for the Siberian Husky club,  will be at the Vildmarksracet secretary in Nornäs to handle your qualification form, copies of pedigree and receive the 55 SEK fee for registration prior to the race.

Questions before the race about the information above feel free to contact me.
Best regards and good luck!

Helle Sörensen
Email: polarpilen@gmail.com phone: 0046 761058971

// Swedish Polardog club for siberian husky

Teams of FCI registered Siberian Huskies, (or AKC/CKC or KC) have the posibility to get Swedish merit results on their dogs recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club, if there are a minimum of three Siberian Husky teams starting in each class.

The team must exist of only registered purebred dogs in order to be able to compete for merits.

This means an all Siberian Husky team! No Alaskan Huskies are allowed on the team, nor unregistered Siberian Huskies.

The original pedigrees must be shown upon registration at the secretariat. Remember to make copies of all pedigrees!